The Naked Emperor

05 September 2004

Uh Oh, I gone and done it

Well, this is it.

After months of abusing friends and family with occasional rantings, I've decided to go live with a blog.

Will I have enough to say? Will it be worth saying? Or reading? Will I be swamped with hate mail? Beats me.

I figure that this may not last, so I might as well have fun while it does.

As you get to know me through my writing, you may learn a few things about me.

I like it when the world makes sense. And it usually doesn't. A few examples:

Scott Petersen is currently on trial for murdering his wife and unborn child. But if the wife had terminated her pregnancy, it's her constitutional right. Now that I've pissed off every one in the Anti Choice/Pro Death debate, just calm down. I don't care what side of the debate you're on, it doen't make sense.

At eighteen, you can be tried as an adult and sentenced to death, or serve in law enforcement or the military and take a life legally. And you can wield the greatest power in a democracy, the vote. But you're not responsible enough to have a beer. Again, it doesn't add up.

Celebrity adoration in general, and Britney Spears specifically. Now THAT'S nonsense.

Anyway, when the world goes stupid, it prompts me to write. I don't claim to be any sort of great authority, but I hope I have some common sense.

If you think I'm way off base, or maybe right, please comment. If you find good examples of nonsense, please let me know.

And sometimes the nonsense comes from me. Sometimes there's not a lot to say or an idea may not be fully developed. Then I may spew some drivel, but I'll try to keep it entertaining.

To start, I've archived my prior rants, so feel free to browse.

I'm going to go now and watch the hurrican coverage. Back in a day or two, so check back often.


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