The Naked Emperor

14 June 2008

Unprotected Politics

Yesterday, those paragons of virtue, the UN Human Rights Council, said the Brits should "consider" scrapping the monarchy.

Amazingly, the Brits, arguably one of the most free peoples on the planet, have shown little inclination for this.

It seems that the Brit's UN critics know better.

Syria, who loves to support wanton murder and terrorism, and assassinates foreign leaders it disagrees with, says the UK is "discriminating" against muslims. Oh, just because they don't want to clean up any more bodies from a 7/7 attack repeat?

And Iran accused the Brits of "sexual discrimination". What, the same theocracy that preaches that women are second class and thinks sexual mutilation is acceptable? See the Koran and Haditha for further details.

Mostly Cajun had a good response here.

My own, southern American response? F&*K THAT!

And to translate for my Brit readers: Sod Off, UN!

Politics is a lot like sex.

If you have unprotected politics, you should at least know when to pull out.

The Naked Emperor


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