The Naked Emperor

05 September 2004

Big Changes

Well everybody, it's been up a day, and I haven't blown anything up. This is a major accomplishment for me.

To remind all of you, I'm middle age and decidedly computer illeterate. I remember back in high school, back in my street racer days, we used to make fun of people, especially guys, who knew nothing about cars. Knowing a camshaft from a crankshaft from a Johnson rod were an acid test of virility.

Now the world has gone computer and I'm ashamed. I used to be interested in computers, back in the early days. I even owned a TI 99/4a, and had spent $800 to upgrade the memory from 4K to 16K and get a 8.5in. floppy drive to replace the cassette recorder. State of the art.

But school intervened, and I lost knowledge and interest. I did take a Computer Science class, one that taught (remember this?) Cobol. I did have a used Commodore 64 I did papers on.

When I graduated Vet school, a good friend gave me a rebuilt Mac. And I've been hooked on them ever since. They enable ever the computer stupid to function.

I don't know languages or subroutines. I just put the keys in and drive the bloody thing. In the last dozen or more years, the macs have been extremely reliable, so I haven't needed to learn much. (Unlike HP printers!)

So today I decided to add a few links to sites I find interesting, especialy the political ones in this election season. Now I don't know html or whatever the template for the blog is written in. I just copied a links thing from Blogger. Finding where to put it was a bit of a challenge. But I fumbled aroung until it looks like it does now. It took maybe an hour. For four links.

But it's done and nothing fried. I'm very proud.

All you computer literate folks are heartily entitled to chuckle at me for at least an hour.


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