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24 February 2007

Coming to America

Well after my last post, I figured I would be in for a lot of heat for being "anti-Immigrant"


There could be nothing further from the truth. One of my dearest friends is an immigrant, her parents from one nation, she's technically from another, and her brother was born here and is an American. A strange, true, and uniquely American tale.

Everybody in the Americas, and I do mean everybody, either is an immigrant or is descended from immigrants. There are no "native" Americans, their ancestors just came over a hell of a lot earlier.

I am interested in my ancestry, and really do not care about yours. This may sound cold, but it isn't.

I couldn't care less about your ethnicity. I care about who someone is. Where your people came from is your own business. If there's an interesting story, tell me over dinner. But I won't like or dislike you on that basis.

The United States is the most mixed population in the world. We're from all over the planet. And that is one of our strengths.

In science, there is something called heterosis. It is also called hybrid vigor. And we Americans are loaded with it.

What this tells us is that hybrids tend to thrive because they come from a broader genetic background. Most nations draw from a few ethnic sources. We draw from the entire planet.

Sociologically too, we have some advantage. Our immigrant ancestors had to be bold enough and daring enough to leave familiar surroundings and risk the unknown. I think that's why Americans love to explore and favor the brave.

We are the only nation that has to worry about too many people coming here, not just when a neighbor is in crisis. The communist and totalitarian nations sure don't have that problem. Hell, they had to put up fences and guard towers just to keep their people in.

With all that said, let's look at responsible and sensible immigration. First from the point of view of the American Citizen.

When someone comes here illegally, their first act on American soil is to flaunt the laws of this nation. Remember that we are a nation of laws, not of personalities.

If their first act is to violate the law for personal gain, what other laws would they be willing to violate? Drug laws? Gun Laws? Murder? Rape?

I don't know and if you're even middling honest, neither do you.

We do not defend our borders, and such people are in this country right now. Do you honestly believe that members of drug cartels applied for a Green Card?

Unfortunately our elected leaders either didn't listen to their oaths, or have chosen to ignore them. That silly "provide for the common defense" thing. They've also forgotten that minor bit about "securing" the blessings of liberty for us.

And I'm not picking on one side of the aisle, they both lied about this one.

Also, we citizens have a few rights too.

Look, I've been here all my life. It's my home.

And I certainly don't mind sharing.

But don't come into my home as a guest and tell me how I've got to change my home to suit you. A family member did that to me once. And only once.

If you do not want to live the American lifestyle, there are hundreds of other countries to pick from. Delta (or whatever human trafficker you choose) is ready when you are.

If your country was so bad why do you want to turn mine into a carbon copy of yours?

If we look at the Constitution from the point of view if an illegal, it is meaningless. If an illegal is too afraid of deportation to speak up about wrongs they have suffered, then the Constitution can not "establish justice" for you.

Unfortunately, we do have jerks here. And they do terrible things to illegals, knowing their silence is tantamount to permission.

Illegals tend to live in horrible conditions. And many "decent" folks will hire them only to stiff them at the end of the day. With absolutely no recriminations.

Legal immigrants can raise their voice for justice, and get it, without fear from the INS.

The moral is that legal immigration is much safer for the immigrant.

Since I am running for President, let me propose a few things to you.

First, we should make a law that the HR person and the president of the company are liable for knowingly hiring illegals. If someone has no documentation, or blatant forgeries, DON'T hire them.

If you do, the Justice Department will try you and convict you. Minimum of one year in jail. No exceptions.

And the illegal goes back to which ever country immediately.

Secondly, we need to take a hard look at the quotas for immigration in this country.

Since we've already absorbed twelve or so million illegals, as they're deported, we'll have lots of room for new immigrants. Legal ones.

And while we are on the subject, we need to have one official language.

Before you yell "racism!!", let me explain why.

After 9/11, many were surprised that the FBI couldn't talk to CIA, who couldn't talk to NSA, etc.

Some of the most surprised were in Congress, who had passed the legislation ensuring these obstacles in the first place.

We are a nation from many other nations, and many other languages.

Wouldn't it be best if we could all talk to each other?

If you want to speak Fredonian at home, that is your business. But when dealing with other Americans, we need to speak a common language, both for business and for government.

In my profession, I sometimes have to deal with those who speak another language and ONLY another language. This makes communication in the emergency room very, very difficult. I can't inform the client properly, therefore they have a hard time dealing with the life and death decisions we need to make rapidly.

I'm just one man, there is no way I can learn all of the possible languages my clients speak.

If we were all fluent in one common language, these situations would be greatly eased.

A hypothetical for government is in order.

Suppose there is a dangerous chemical spill. The police go out announcing an evacuation on the loudspeakers. But you only speak Fredonian, and can't understand what they say. You stay home. You die.

Who's fault would this be?

Would it be the police's fault since they didn't have a translator for every language on the planet? Or the Fredonian's for not learning a common tongue?

We need to be able to communicate with all our people. And do so instantly in these troubled times. Therefore we need a common language. Since English is by far the most common tongue here in America, let's make it English.

How much money does the government or business spend on written communication in unpteen languages? Let's cut these costs and make everyone safer by all mastering a common language.

In short, if you want to partake of the American lifestyle, we welcome you. All we ask is that you respect our laws, and be able to speak with us.

Until later

The Naked Emperor


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