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23 August 2007

Societal Astronomy

Last might I wrote a rather poor article about societal ADD.

After considering my thoughts further, I realized that ADD is but one of three main problems confronting modern western society.

Tonight, we'll consider part II, Lessons on Societal Astronomy. Soon, we'll paraphrase a great movie line, "Come Back, Shame".

Societal astronomy must deal with just one fact, and one only.

This fact is without serious scientific dispute, and has been considered proven both mathematically and by direct observation for over one hundred years.

Yet many, if not most, in our society do not believe in this one simple fact, or choose to ignore it in their daily lives.

And just what is this fact?

It's quite simple really. Uranus revolves around the Sun, the Sun DOES NOT revolve around Uranus.

In day to day life, this means that you are just one part of a much larger world. You are not THE world. And yes, Virginia, rules apply to YOU!

I can't tell you how many times people just wander back into the treatment area of the ER, despite a sign that takes up the entire upper half of the entry door.

We have numerous signs requiring people to turn off cell phones. These signs even have graphics in case the client is a "guest client" or otherwise can not read English.

Despite all this, nearly nightly we have one or two yakking merrily away while the patient bleeds and I'm trying to take a history from a verbally occupied client.

Could it be that that can't even see the graphic?

Or do they just think that rule is meant for everyone but them?

To paraphrase the recently departed Leona Helmsly "Only little people obey rules".

So how do you apply this in daily life?

Simple. Remember that the sign was meant for you. Yes, YOU. If in doubt, assume it does until you check with the author of the sign.

A few thoughts come up that I didn't think would require a sign, but the evidence shows that many people need instruction in these areas.

Remember that the living breathing person in front of you takes precedence over the disembodied voice on your cell phone. Even if it's just a cashier at a grocery store.

If you're out to eat with friends, either ignore the phone or, if you just must talk, take the conversation elsewhere. It's rude to ignore the guest you invited to eat because someone else is more important.

Always turn the phone off in movies, shows, and at church, weddings, and funerals. "Dearly beloved, we are here..."

Behind the wheel, the left lane is for high speed and passing. Do not sit there doing 40 shaking your fist angrily at people who you force to pass on the left.

A right hand turn lane is NOT for high speed passing.

Never mix driving with makeup, a newspaper, texting, a DVD, or drugs and booze.

Just remember that you are just one of 280 million here in the US and of about 6 billion in the world. We all have to live here. Let's try to make each others stay a pleasant one.

Until later,



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