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22 March 2007

The Peanut Storage Crisis!!

I've been bad about the blog again.

But this is spring, and there's a lot of work to do around the farm. More about the farm in another post. Working on the land yields immediate results, while blogging is just for fun. OK, the farm is fun too. But blogging is a lower priority.

We've all heard about this new congress and how much good or evil they'll do, depending on your point of view.

When I've been reading about the congress for years, I just keep coming back to the comedian Gallagher. He once asked "If pro is the opposite of con, is Congress the opposite of progress?"

And this new bunch is no different.

As far as I know, they've passed no legislation that has made it to the President's desk yet. Nothing.

Right now they're caught up in two controversies.

The first is the President firing two political appointees for what they call "Political" reasons. Hell, they're the President's appointees. If they're not doing the job he hired them to do, it's his right and responsibility.

If you fire your gardener, it's up to you. He's not doing my yard, it's your business.

And it's not like the critics really object. Most of these people were in office when a former President fired ALL of the US Attorneys. But he was a member of their party, so no one said "BOO". If they thought such things were so bad, why didn't they speak up then?

So if they don't really care about the US Attorney firings, why are they doing this?

Easy. They're playing "Gotcha" politics. It's all about scoring political points for an election that won't happen for another 18 months. Apparently members of the House of Representatives no longer have time to do the work we sent them there to do, they're just campaigning for re-election. And they've only just arrived for this term.

The second big controversy is about a bill funding the war in Iraq.

Some members of Congress support the war and others do not.

Those that do not have put language into the funding bill that will do a "slow bleed" (not my words) by imposing restrictions on the Commander in Chief and the troops. This is blatantly unconstitutional, but they put it there anyway. The President has promised to veto such a bill. And the anti-war members know this and know they do not have the votes to override a veto.

It get worse.

Some members opposed the bill, opposing any funding for the war. Others did not want to hamstring our troops. Or so they said.

I guess their views aren't too strongly held though. The funding bill has been so loaded down with pork that it makes a Texas Bar-B-Que look like a Slimfast. And that was one of the reasons I quit being a Republican. Sorry, Congress, this is NOT the way to impress the center.

They said the only additional funding was for "emergency" items. Like peanut storage somewhere. Millions of dollars for peanut storage. Why I was just saying to my bride the other day ,"When is Congress going to act on the peanut storage crisis?".

None of these "esteemed" members of Congress seems to have any courage of their convictions. "I'm anti-war. But I'll be for the war for enough peanut storage." "I support the troops mission. But I'll cut them off for peanut storage."

And they've spent weeks working on this. In that time they've revealed their cowardice and just how much it takes to buy them off.

And all for something that's going to be vetoed anyway.

They've been terribly busy with all this garbage, but haven't gotten around to any actual legislation that will become law. It's as if I spent my time cleaning the clinic windows, while patients die. I'd be very busy, but would have failed to do my job. And these people aren't doing their jobs either.

I know that if anybody reading this is left of center, you might say "but it's President Bush!!". To paraphrase Herman Wouk, you don't work with a Captain (or President) because you like the way he parts his hair, you work with him because he's got the job or you're no good.

So I guess they're no good.

What I find amusing is how the Democrats and some Republicans are running away from voting to authorize the war. "We were duped" some of them say. If you read Democrats true thoughts on the President, they find his intellect somewhere south of Kumquat. And yet those in Congress say the President duped them. So how intelligent does that make you?

And it gets even more pathetic. One of the main adversaries of fighting arab terrorists is Rep. Murtha, who was willing to take bribes from alleged arab businessmen as long as he didn't get caught. See FBI videotapes from the "Abscam" scandal back in the seventies.

And the new leadership is shocked by Scooter Libby's conviction, while protecting William Jefferson (D-LA), who was given 100K in a sting operation, and the feds recovered 90K of it in his freezer. He also commandeered Army trucks, needed for rescue operations, to recover his personal property from Katrina's flood. Not only do they protect him, the new leadership gave him a seat on the Homeland Security Committee.

Does it make sense to take advice on Arab American relations from someone who took bribes, or to entrust our security to another who took bribes?

This isn't a paradigm shift, it's just restocking a bunch of self-centered bastards with some that wear slightly different clothes and make slightly different noises.

No wonder their approval is even less than the President's.

Some good things come from unexpected places. I've seen a bumper sticker I loved, and sums up my feelings quite well. It is on a pickup outside Guy's bar in Amite, LA, and belongs to the owner. I went in to meet Mr. Guy Spitale, and he said he was going to order some of the stickers for sale. I told him to sign me up, I should have it in a few weeks.

Stop in and have a beer at Guy's if you're in the area. Corner of Hwy 16 and Hwy 51 in Amite. He's good people.

Oh, that's right. The bumper sticker. It simply says:

Don't Re-Elect Anybody

Until Later



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