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23 March 2007

Random Thoughts of the Day

Well, the Congress went and did it. The House managed to vote out their bill solving the peanut storage crisis, hogtying a Commander in Chief, and incidentally funding the troops. Except they didn't do it.

As I said before, the President will veto, so they've accomplished absolutely NOTHING in the last few weeks. Sorry, folks, but a symbolic effort is no match for substance. All you've done is to place our troops in needless jeopardy and for what? So you can score a few brownie points?

It is said that they were following the "will of the voters". But you've determined that will by hammering on the President for six years, making shit up if it didn't suit your needs. It's funny that your approvals are similar to the Presidents, and thats without a concerted effort to demonize you. You've done it all yourselves.

I feel like a parent right now. Folks, there's a war on. One that was started many years ago by killers using Islam to justify their heinous deeds. And the best the Congress can do is "symbolism". Kids, stop playing with your food, the bus will be here soon. If you miss it, and I have to drive you to school, you'll regret it. I'll take away your "fact finding junkets" to exotic locales, and make you use the same health care the rest of us do. So hurry up and eat.

Another little random thought. Everybody's upset about the VA system. It's been reformed many times and still is shameful.

But isn't this government run health care? It's a tragedy that our bravest have to suffer so. But if we listen to some, soon we'll ALL be in the same boat.

The answer to that one is simple. Make the Congress use the VA system for their primary health care. Just watch it improve.

Another news item today is that John Breaux, (D-MD) has all but thrown his hat in the ring for Louisiana's Governor's race. And no, the notation behind his name is not a typo.

Breaux was a Representative and then Senator from Louisiana. When he left public life, he never came back. He's now officially a resident of MD and votes there. Hasn't really lived here for more than twenty years.

Louisiana law says that you must be a citizen of Louisiana for the last five years to run for Gov. Breaux is having a friendly Democrat ask the also Democreat Attorney General of LA. for a ruliing of his status. He argues that he's still a "citizen" of the state, although he's no longer a resident.

Any takers on how the ruling will come down?

So another carpetbagger comes down to rape us. What else is new.

Sorry John, but you chose to stay up there and didn't come back. If you'd come back 18 months ago, I wouldn't mind. But we have been here through the entire Katrina experience while you made millions as a paid lobbyist in DC. If you were so concerned, where was your sorry butt?

If you thought you had any leadership skills, we could have used you from September 05 on. We've certainly had damn little leadership and too much command since then. But to come back now is pure opportunism.

And John, If the above makes you unhappy, I'll be the one in the booth pulling the lever for a dog that stayed with us over anyone who's been MIA for a year and a half.

And lastly, I do have some good news.

I came across the blog of Micheal Yon, a private blogger with the troops in Iraq. Whether or not you support the war, it's still a good read. As I said in an earlier post, I just love it when words are well used. His writing is deeply personal, and very moving. Some have called him the Iraq war's Ernie Pyle. I won't disagree.

And I'm happy to put a link to his site on mine.

Since he's private, he lives by donations. Forego a Latte once in a while and support a guy writing his butt off in terrible conditions.

Until later,



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