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05 September 2007

G of A Update II

I don't have much time tonight. And there is so much that deserves attention.

Running Hsu's. Non-guilty guilty pleas and non-retiring retiring Senators who play footsie. Fred is officially in. But these take more than the available time if I'm to do any justice to them.

And all those events happen a world away from me.

Today, the good news is that my Add-a-Rails and GripPod arrived.

They're almost installed. Okay, I'll have to redo the screws with Locktite next week. But I was able to gather first impressions.

The rail is secure and holds the grip very well.

The GripPod itself seems to be a winner. A forward handgrip lets me point on target somewhat faster, or so it seems. The bipod deploys very rapidly and the trigger is easy to use but not overly sensitive. And once on the bipod, the rifle sure seems rock steady.

Remember that these are early impressions. I'll be able to field trial the system next week and get a picture or two for your entertainment pleasure.

And no, I haven't stood on top of the rifle with the bipod out like they advertise. It's OK in an advert, but I have to pay for this thing.

until later,



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