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01 June 2008

Fuzzy Math

Yesterday, the Democrats decided that the delegates for Michigan and Florida would only get a half a vote each at the convention. Therefore the Democrat voters in those states are only worth 1/2 of what voters in other states are worth.

This is hardly news.

This is the party that favored slavery, Jim Crowe, grandfather clauses, and thought that blacks were worth 3/5 of a white man.

Now blacks in Michigan are only worth 1/2 of a white man in New York or California.

Congratulations, Black Democrats!!! In all the years since Republicans passed the 19th Amendment, Democrats have devalued you from 3/5, or 60%, to 1/2, or 50%. Boy, do the Democrats value your loyalty.

Funny how a black Republican is automatically called "Uncle Tom". But the leading Black Democrat today was fighting to reduce your value even more, just for his own political purposes. Where are the cries of "O'Tom-a"?

One Democrat candidate, who agreed to the rules, was fighting to change them in the middle of the game. So if the Democrats try to posture on law and order, basically rules, we know that they don't really believe in it. Especially when the rules are attempted to be applied to them.

The other Democrat candidate did not want millions of voters to have a say in the party's nomination, just because they went for the first candidate. So "Count every Vote" only applies if they are votes in your favor. Florida wasn't based on principle, just an attempt by the Democrats to steal an election, as they have now shown.

These positions by the only contenders show that BOTH candidates only believe their own statements when it favors them, not you. I.E., they're both just bullshitting you.

And now the rules committee has decided a "halfway" solution. This is the worst thing they could have done.

If they had decided the issue one way, the Democrats would be branded political opportunists, to whom rules mean nothing.

If they went the other way, the Democrat reputation would be disenfranchisisng legal voters.

By deciding the way they did, both apply, and more. Now, they are not only rampant opportunists, not only disenfranchising at will if the voters disagree with party hierarchy, but also too weak to make a damn decision.

Let's see. They'll ignore the will of the people for their own gain. They'll break the rules for personal gain. And they can't make a decision.

I know many Democrat voters do not like America. But unless you plan on relocating, you'll be living here. Are these the people you want being your political Lords and Masters for four years?

As an Independent, I find nothing here worth supporting.

I didn't think that in this day and age we would have an allegedly mainstream political party would be deciding that one voter is equal to anything but one voter, regardless of race, gender, or location.

I think I'll just go shake my head in disappointment.

The Naked Emperor


At June 4, 2008 at 4:21 PM, Blogger .....CLIFFORD said...

Doubly ironic, since it was Republicans who went to war to make sure that blacks were counted as more than 3/5. And here is a black Democrat wanting whole swaths of his fellow Americans to count for nothing.


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