The Naked Emperor

15 January 2008

Disturbing and Disappointed Readers

As I said a few days ago, I may be changing the name of my practice. I'm working with some business and marketing consultants, and they want me to consider it, and are working up alternatives.

I've also given a brief moment of thought to changing the name of my blog. "The Naked Emperor" is attracting some disturbing hits, and I presume very disappointed people.

But a little background first.

I thought "The Naked Emperor" was a good title since I freely admit my weaknesses and failings. I don't put on airs and claim to be something I'm not.

I also take great delight in using simple logic, reason, and occasionally math to reveal nudity in the pompous thoughts of the self important.

But I'm disappointing people, and they are deeply disturbing me.


If you notice the GoStats link on the right, I occasionally check the stats here and see who's been by.

Readers get here one of three ways: By link at another site, through the ether (AKA I have no clue), and by Google search.

It is the Googles that have me worried about my name.

I've gotten hits when people Googled "Naked Emperor" or variants. Fine, I wanted those.

Google has also brought people who have searched for ar-15 stuff or "kitty farts" or "the Guns of August". Fair enough, I've written about those.

And I've also had someone googling for "shootng (sic) naked ladies game" I like online games, it might be fun.

But I've also had someone from India looking for "naked ladies" Here is where I think the name begins to be trouble. I wasn't too worried, I happen to like naked ladies myself.

Alas the trouble was noticed when someone, also from India, arrived after searching for "naked 15 models". Given my name, and the weapon posts, it's understandable. But if that person's "15" was an age, I'm sure they were disappointed. And I'm quite happy to disappoint such people.

But these were merely sublime. The turn for the weird was just ahead.

Frankly, the Queen's subjects take the cake.

Someone in the UK found me by searching for "naked 60 year old ladies". That's a visual I just didn't need.

And of her subjects, it's the Canadians who worry me most. I've had them arrive looking for "naked boys and girls", and "my dad wants me to be naked around the house".

I'm fairly certain, and quite happy, that these people left my site with both hands on the keyboard.

And no, I'm not making this up. And this is all within the last few days.

I can't remember (and am too tired to google) who said that the world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN imagine. My Canadian readers prove that.

I never cease to be amazed by the world's weirdness.

I, along with Thenakedempress, the pseudo-daughter, and a few others occasionally threaten to come up with the strangest sexually oriented site we can think up, just to see if we'd get any hits. So far, our leading candidate is "Wombats in Leather". My recent readers make me think it would be a huge success.

If you, dear readers, can top that, I welcome your suggestions.

And no, I won't be changing this name.

If somebody wants to make this name into a sexual thing, it's their problem, not mine. And I invite those people to perform an impossible solo sexual act.

Until later,



At January 16, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Blogger Courtenay said...

Lol, the pseudo-daughter would love to set up the "Wombats in Leather" site. As long as what we do is put the web address as when you leave :-)


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