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10 January 2008

My Two Cents on Change

Well, I'm back.

Just because I've been MIA on the web, doesn't mean I haven't been paying attention.

So here we are, the Iowa Caucus (Silly MSM, Caucuses are in former USSR) and New Hampshire primary down, with SC and MI coming up. Tonight we had yet another debate, the Republicans in SC.

At least on the Democrat side, the theme is "Change".

I have some recent experience in that, thus the temporary MIA status. The end result of mine is that I'll only be doing emergency on the weekends, being free to build my housecall practice during the week, every week. We're working with business consultants, may be changing the name, and should have a nice web presence within two weeks. Lots of changes.

That seems to be all the Democrat candidates can talk about.

"We need Change"

"I know how to make Change"

"I've got 35 years experience in making Change"

Aren't we supposed to be electing a national leader, defender of liberty around the world? These bozos sound like they're interviewing to be cashiers at a convenience store.

And maybe we need them there, most clerks can't make change without a calculator.

And if we want experience at "Change", vote for Hillary, she's got experience with "The Change". (If you don't understand that reference, you're male, and either young or unmarried).

All three candidates are tapping into some dissatisfaction in the democrat base. So they want "Change".

But one must be careful with what one asks for. Going from the frying pan into the fire is "Change". So is going from living to dead is likewise "Change". Neither seems too desirable to me.

So far the Democrat situation is fairly simple. Obama is black and young. Hillary is female and a Clinton. Edwards has GREAT hair. Great Identity politics, not good Ideas politics.

The Republican side is a bit more muddled. First we had the inevitability of Romney with all his money, and Giuliani with national recognition and 9/11 experience. Then came Iowa with the Huckaboom, and New Hampshire with the McCain-gasm. Tonight the web is all atwitter about the debate performance of my man, Fred. Given the lack of a national leader, and a bounce from tonight's performance, he could upset and win South Carolina. Right now he's # 3 in delegates. So the field is wide open.

As a personal aside, I'm somewhat surprised at Thompson's poor performance so far. He's got well thought out positions, solidly conservative, a record that nearly matches, and minimal baggage. I thought that he's the sort of candidate we've all been complaining about finding, and here he is and we (collectively) ignore him. Are we conservatives just as caught up in celebrity and candidate of the week as liberals are?

I know we think of liberals as shallow, but perhaps we need to truly examine a mirror here.

Oh, if you Paypal me $1.00 for this .02, I'LL make change. I promise. Trust me.

until later,



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