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13 September 2007

The Bard and Betrayal

Admit me, Chorus to this history;
Who, prologue-like, your humble patience pray,
Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our.....Blog?

To compensate for the aches and pains of advancing middle age, there are a few benefits too. One of these is an increasing love and appreciation for the Bard.

William Shakespeare's words are music when done well. Lately I have been indulging, perhaps a bit too much.

Henry V is my favorite, and I've just re-read it, and also seen the film. Kenneth Brannagh's 1989 production of Henry V is excellent, and loses but little dialogue. Try it sometime.

But I offer this warning: Do not mix the Bard with news if you write. It give you ideas.

Recently, published a full page ad in the NY Times insinuating treason on the part of Gen. David Petreus. The General is literally the man who wrote the book on counter-insurgency warfare, and under whose command the coalition forces have made quite substantial progress. The charge is blatantly false.

After all, no Democrat senators, including their Presidential candidates found reason to vote against him just a few months ago.

We have been told that we can't question the patriotism of such accusers. Bullshit. I question it.

What is interesting is that none of the Democrat candidates for President have said a peep about such scurrilous allegations. One could assume, reasonably, that they don't disagree.

The Bard had something to say about all this:

You have conspir'd against our royal person,
Join'd with an an enemy proclaim'd, and from his coffers,
Receiv'd the golden earnest of our death;
wherein you would have sold your king to slaughter,
His princes and peers to servitude,
His subjects to oppression and contempt,
And his whole kingdom into desolation.

(Henry V Act II Scene II)

There is no doubt as to the oppression, contempt, and desolation awaiting the enemies of radical Islam. That means us westerners, folks. You and me.

So why would the candidates of one party actively desire our surrender to such forces?

I know their leading candidate's political past includes shady international dealings. But is this Trie-son? Would she sell out American interests for foreign cash? I hope I'm Huang, but if the Hsu fits... I don't know if I'm Riady to see all this come to pass.

That candidate is also rather lax with her ideas of national security.

And if they're not selling us out for cash, then why?

Could they be so filled with self-hatred that they would subject us to oppression and contempt? Or is the lust for power so strong that they desire to be a Quisling rather that a Von Stauffenberg?

I don't know, but it frightens me. For I feel they think America, "being ours, We'll bend it to our awe, Or break it all to pieces."

While I'm on this Henry V kick, while this has little connection other than the source, I just can't resist putting this modified quote in:

thou hast me, if thou hast me, at the worst;
and thou shalt read me, if thou read me, better and better:-
and therefore tell me, most fair reader, will you have me?

until later,



At September 14, 2007 at 9:17 AM, Blogger .....CLIFFORD said...

Great minds think alike -

Or, steal liberally from each other.......


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