The Naked Emperor

23 September 2007

Everything Old is New

As of this moment, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is in the US, and will be speaking at Columbia university tomorrow night.

Now, being the age I am, I recall well my first real knowledge of Iran, back in '79.

And back then, New Orleans had a great local band, Vince Vance and the Valiants. The leader of the band, Vance Degeneres, had an unknown kid sister back then. Her name is Ellen.

Well folks, Ahmadinejad's visit has put this Mr. Peabody into his Way Back Machine, and I thought I'd take all you Shermans along.

Back at that time in history, we were actually shocked that fundamentalist muslims would attack us. Even normally left of center types like musicians were so outraged that they made parody songs that took what seems rather harsh, but appropriate positions.

Vince Vance did the best song for that moment in history. A young lady named Vickie Arroyo I knew back then, who's brother or some such was connected to Vince Vance managed to get me a copy of this precious 45. Unfortunately, is was lost to time in my parent's house in the flood.

Through the wonders of technology, I have an mp3 of the song. But , unfortunately, dear ones of readers, I can't figure how to upload it to blogger for your entertainment pleasure. Google provided me with an answer.

President Ahmadinejad will speak tomorrow. But Vince Vance spoke for me twenty nine years ago, and still does.

Without further adieu, I give you, the original and only,

Bomb Iran

The Naked Emperor


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