The Naked Emperor

13 May 2008

2008 Manifesto

I am a man, a southerner, and a voter.

And I'm fed up.

I'm just damn tired of having everything about me "interpreted" or rather misinterpreted.

So let's set the record straight.

I was born here. I'm a citizen. And I've played by the rules for thirty years.

I'm NOT anti-immigrant. If you want to come here, just learn to speak with us and obey our laws, and I'll welcome you with open arms. When you try to turn my hard work, and the deaths of my forefathers meaningless while you turn my nation into the same shithole you left, I get upset.

I'm not racist. I never imported anybody and never enslaved anybody. My ancestors died for the freedom of several races. When one presidential candidate belongs to a racial superiority cult for twenty years and "didn't notice it", I won't support that candidate. I disapprove of racism, no matter the color of the racist.

I'm opposed to Roe v. Wade. Not on moral grounds, but because it's just bad law. The Constitution never mentioned a right to privacy. And the 10th Amendment says those things not SPECIFICALLY given to the Feds, should be decided by the states. Therefore abortion should be a state by state question, not a federal thing at all.

I believe the Bill of Rights was written to protect the individual from the Federal government, and yes, this includes the Second Amendment.

Yes, I am a gun owner. And a shooter, not just a collector. I hold a Concealed Permit, and will use it if the situation requires. I don't give up without a fight.

Nor do I think my nation should. How we got into war is immaterial. We're in it NOW. Sure I want the troops home as soon as possible. AFTER we win.

I am not a sexist. Saying "Ma'am" and opening doors for ladies is NOT sexist, just simple courtesy. You don't have to accept these courtesies. But it is incumbent on me as a gentleman to try.

I refuse to be labeled as sexist because I don't like your particular candidate's policies. Same thing for being racist.

I don't believe that throwing ever increasing amounts of money at problems without actually solving them is wise.

I don't think that punishing achievement is a real damn smart way to run a business or a country.

I believe that there are damn few things that government does well. This especially applies the further away the government in question is. This includes mail, social policy, taxation, and levees.

As a small businessman, and habitual taxpayer, I find that government is far more often the cause of the problem than it is a solution.

I believe that I'm not special. If I can achieve, than others can too. There is no need for multigenerational government dependence. Grow up and handle your responsibilities like a man (or woman), not some whiny child.

I don't think my beloved nation has caused all the world's woes. The arabs and jews have been trying to kill each other for nearly two thousand years before there even was a USA. The same goes for the rest of the world's ills. One of this nation's first actions was to stand up to Muslim terrorists, the Barbary Corsairs. We should continue in the footsteps of Jefferson (Not Bill, D LA!!)

The USA has only conquered one people, the CSA. That included one hundred forty years ago, and that included many of my ancestors. I'm over it. When will you get over your problem?

I think that there are not two Americas, but three. The givers, the perenial takers, and their facilitators, i.e. the government.

As a scientist, I find "global warming" totally indefensible. It's a made up crisis to extract more money from the givers to the government. Remember the tobacco settlement to aid smokers and fund smoking cessation programs? See how well that "crisis" has worked out?

I believe in the old saw about millions for defense, not one penny for tribute.

I don't see how musicians or actors, many of whom never could get into college, think they're smarter than the rest of us, and unendingly lecture us on how to lead our lives. Especially when they don't do what they tell us to do. ("OOH, I hate guns!!"
You just hire guns for protection while denying me that same right)

I think any and all politicians should be doubted until proven correct by your own research.

I think things are never as bad or as rosy as the MSM shows.

I don't think we've had a statesman since Reagan. All the rest are self serving political hacks. (Test: Read the evidence and statements of Democrats about Bob Packwood or Clarence Thomas. Then see the strength of their convictions with Bill Clinton. Other side, see Republicans with Clinton, then David Vitter)

And finally, for now, I believe I'm tired and will go to bed.

The Naked Emperor