The Naked Emperor

30 August 2008

Moses Called

Just a brief note since darkness has stopped my preparations for Gustav.

It seems I'm wasting my time. The Obama called Nagin earlier today (they exchanged private phone numbers!! OOOOOH!), and assured Nagin that New Orleans would be alright. Since He has the power to stop the seas from rising, I guess the storm surge will spare the city. But since I live north of the Chocolate City, maybe we should prepare after all.

I was outside working when Nagin announced this. And I need to explain a bit.

Thenakedempress proudly voted for Clinton twice. And Gore. And she is much less given to obscene invective than I.

When she came out to tell me about this, her language startled me. Her words: "How can The One assure anything? He's just a fucking Senator!"

I was so proud to witness the birth of another Libertarian.

Remember, The One's holy word came after we'd heard the former DNC chair laughing about our impending troubles, and saying that our possible doom was proof that "God is on our side after all".

So much for Democrats caring about the common voter.

Between today's BS, and The One's speech promising to be all things to all genders, thenakedempress is now a confirmed McCain voter.

As for me, I have been, and am, a reluctant McCain voter. But after this, I will never vote for a Democrat again. I'd sooner vote for an honest communist than a lying democrat who is gleeful over the devastation of my home, my parish, my state. This shows me that they privately were thrilled with the outcome of 9/11. All I can see is the democrats as the celebrating Palestinians on that day.

Dear Deamocrats - Fuck Off.


28 August 2008

Our Brother's Keeper

This is Obama's example of being his brother's keeper:

Save me now.

The American Caesar

This is the speech I want to see given at the Republican Convention next week:

Friends, Americans, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I come tonight to discuss Senator Obama, not to praise him. I have witnessed the victorious Senator in his classic triumph at his Roman Forum in Denver. I choose to answer in kind.

The evil that candidates do lives after them; the good is oft ended with their race. So let it be with Obama. Many have told you Obama is ambitious; If so, it is a grievous fault. And the electorate shall grievously make him answer it.

Yet we are told Obama is an “honorable” man.

He hath brought much cash back to his freinds in Chicago. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He has long histories of friendship with unrepentant racists and domestic terrorists. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He wishes to place your children in involuntary servitude, called “mandatory volunteerism”. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He thinketh that unions and bureaucrats are more capable than you at deciding where your children should go to school. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He says it is acceptable to slaughter children at anytime up to and including birth. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He believeth that the rewards of hard work should go to his government, not to your children. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He seeks to criminalize any dissent from his Almighty policies. He thinketh dissent is patriotic only if your dissent agrees with the One. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He believeth that America is not a voice or force for freedom, merely another agressor nation. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He sayeth our noble fighting men and women intentionally target civilians. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He wisheth to retreat rather than stand up to agression. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He refuseth to wear a flag, or salute the flag, or to visit our injured warriors, our sons and daughters. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He thinketh the opinions of the rest of the world matter more than the voters, his voters, here in America. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He believeth all the good in America has come from government , none from honest, hard working Americans in the private sector. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He thinketh the answer to any problem is a new tax or a higher tax on working Americans. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

He believeth the only decision we citizens of America are qualified to make without government oversight is between Merlot and Chardonnay. Yet Obama is an honorable man.

What cause withholds you, then, from voting for the Annointed One, The Obama? Could it be that most gracious gift from above, love, including love of country? Or the next greatest gift, the gift of reason?

Although I fear the retribution of that “honorable” man, as for me, my heart is in the race for McCain.


09 August 2008

Unconventional Wisdom

OK, so I've been MIA. So what? You get what you paid for, right?

I won't rattle on about "ridin the Silky Pony", or Georgia/Russia, or even about the horrors of the Tangipahoa Animal Controls mass euthanasia.

Tonight, I want to be presidential.

Right now, the "conventional wisdom" is that the race is Obama's to lose. But I disagree.

I think it's McCain's to lose.

Let me explain.

First of a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation. Clinton's that is. Yes, the voters want something different, "change". But more than that they're fed up. They're mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore. (Apologies to Albert Brooks.)

We voters are sick and tired of being told what we're going to do by a bunch of elitists who know about as much about average American life as a fish knows about bicycles.

The Democrat voters didn't like being told of the "inevitability" of Sen. Clinton, and have instead picked the most unlikely potential nominee just out of sheer cussedness.

So we got Sen. Obama. And what did he immediately do? Start acting like he's already president, awaiting HIS coronation. BAAAD move, democrats.

First off, they left a pile of pissed off Clinton supporters in their wake. Remember that those you pass on the way to the top will likely see you again on your way down.

Second, it's not just democrats who are mad. Independents, republicans, and even us libertarians are a bit peeved with politics as usual. See Congressional approval rates for proof.

So when Obama presents himself as inevitable, we react like many of you did for Clinton. When told "you must..." our response is "like hell we do".

So, in a year when every fundamental favors democrats, Obama only led by a handful of points. Then he paraded His Imperial Inevitability (HII) on an overseas trip, and his lead disappeared. Surprisingly, McCain is about even.

But what does the future hold?

The Democratic Convention is just around the corner. Normally, these things are just four day infomercials for the candidate.

But those pissed off Clinton supporters that HII treated so badly, with racist accusations and suchlike, will be there. For the first time in many elections, it could come to a floor fight.

Clinton supporters feel, like many, that the media is in the tank for Obama. They know that events which would normally be covered might end up on the cutting room floor. Unless, of course, such event is so dramatic that it MUST be covered. There may be something big happening in the convention hall. And that would be good for McCain.

Outside, the above average number of demonstrators face the same media dilemma. They too, must be overly dramatic. Some want to recreate 1968, some openly talk of violence. This plays well to get media coverage, but will definitely cause moderates, independents and rural voters to shift away from Obama to McCain.

OK, I predict no real post convention bounce for HII. Maybe a week. But it's also possible he could fall some after. That would have McCain leading going into his convention, a highly unusual situation.

The republican convention should proceed smoothly inside, perhaps contrasting with a turbulent democrat one. TV viewers will be more inclined to vote for smooth running government over turmoil. Outside? After the democrat convention, the protesters will be east to paint as quacks and loons. Give them rope, they'll hang themselves politically.

With a republican post convention bounce, McCain will be leading not only popularly, but also electorally. Blue collar Michigan, Indiana, and especially Ohio will turn red, not wanting to be associated with the excesses seen on TV.

As Obama trails, his first, and most likely attack is racism. Not really McCain of course, but his staff, PR, and most importantly his voters. But that card has been played already, and he'll sound like the little Senator who cried Wolf.

Also, accusing voters of heinous things that they're NOT guilty of is not a good way to persuade them.

Then come the debates. Obama didn't do particularly well there in the primaries. He can deliver a really good prepared speech, but ain't worth a tinkers damn unscripted. That's why he wont do townhall meeting with McCain. Look for McCain to do well.

If McCain doesn't do something to blow it, I'm thinking he'll get about around 290 electoral votes.

And if I'm right, I look for news agencies to call me and pay a lot for face time since I was the first to call it. Righhhhht!