The Naked Emperor

30 August 2008

Moses Called

Just a brief note since darkness has stopped my preparations for Gustav.

It seems I'm wasting my time. The Obama called Nagin earlier today (they exchanged private phone numbers!! OOOOOH!), and assured Nagin that New Orleans would be alright. Since He has the power to stop the seas from rising, I guess the storm surge will spare the city. But since I live north of the Chocolate City, maybe we should prepare after all.

I was outside working when Nagin announced this. And I need to explain a bit.

Thenakedempress proudly voted for Clinton twice. And Gore. And she is much less given to obscene invective than I.

When she came out to tell me about this, her language startled me. Her words: "How can The One assure anything? He's just a fucking Senator!"

I was so proud to witness the birth of another Libertarian.

Remember, The One's holy word came after we'd heard the former DNC chair laughing about our impending troubles, and saying that our possible doom was proof that "God is on our side after all".

So much for Democrats caring about the common voter.

Between today's BS, and The One's speech promising to be all things to all genders, thenakedempress is now a confirmed McCain voter.

As for me, I have been, and am, a reluctant McCain voter. But after this, I will never vote for a Democrat again. I'd sooner vote for an honest communist than a lying democrat who is gleeful over the devastation of my home, my parish, my state. This shows me that they privately were thrilled with the outcome of 9/11. All I can see is the democrats as the celebrating Palestinians on that day.

Dear Deamocrats - Fuck Off.



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