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12 March 2007

A damn good day

Significant is defined as:

1) important in effect or meaning,
2) fairly large, and
3) rich in significance or implication.

For example, normally this blog is insignificant.

But the news tonight, no doubt to be glossed over by most of the mainstream journalists is highly significant.

A few days ago, the Iranians started accusing us or the Israelis of kidnapping their Brigadier General Ali Reza Asgari from Turkey. But it gets better.

It seems he was recruited several years ago as a "defector in place" and has been gathering intel ever since. Apparently things were getting a bit hot so a few months ago, there was a plan made to get him out. And not just Asgari, but his whole family.

The news seems to indicate that he is currently being debriefed at a NATO base in Europe, and that his family are all out safe.

His history is interesting to us. He apparently led the Iranian connection with Hezbollah in the 90's and has information on their terrorist activities both in and out of Palestine. So much for their claim of just being "freedom fighters". More like hired assassins now.

He later headed up the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and would know most of their secrets.

Further on, he was a Deputy Defense Minister in charge of internal investigations and uncovered a lot of corruption. That makes enemies, including the current Iranian president. One should be careful of who you piss off.

Last he was a consultant for their defense ministry.

So why is this "significant"?

First for the Israelis. Asgari can show that Hezbollah are not "just trying to be free from Jewish tyranny". They are mere paid killers. Nothing more. Bombings around the world, including in the Americas as far back as 1984 can now be laid at Hezbollah's feet without question.

And for us, it's just as good.

Back in Nov of 2005, the head of the Revolutionary Guard bragged how they were exporting the revolution, including to Iraq. Now I know that captured Iranian officers and certain Iranian weapons have been pooh-poohed by the mainstream media. But now we have a guy on our side who knows the people supplying the weapons. He may even know routes and standard procedures for the Guards to bring the weapons into Iraq.

Not to undermine the capture by the Iraqis the other day of a head of the "Islamic state of Iraq", but that was tactical. It's like cutting off one of the hands of someone you're fighting. That hand can't hit you anymore.

But being able to interdict the flow of weapons into Iraq from Iran is like having a choke hold on the throat of the enemy. It's a big strategic advantage.

We've got to move fast before the Iranians can change their operational patterns.

But more important, he knows all of the senior Iranian leadership. Asgari will know personality conflicts that we could exploit. And as a head of internal investigations, he knows where the figurative bodies are buried. If his doing that job caused his conflict with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, maybe the dear delusional pres isn't as clean as he would have his followers believe.

And last, but best of all, he may know a decent amount about the Iranian Nuke program.

I've read a report that said the Iranians are already recalling personnel from embassies worldwide, apparently before Asgari's information can "out" them. Always best the stay one step ahead of the law if you're in the terror business.

So this seems to be having an impact even now.

I have nothing but admiration for the grunts and fly-boys and track toads who serve with pride. But even they must admit that the intel weenies may have hit one out of the park here.

Now whether the mainstream guys have the sense to see this for what it is, and the courage to report it honestly is a whole other story.

But otherwise it's a good day. A damn good day.

Tomorrow or so I'll get back with some common sense energy stuff, and maybe a little humor. I've been too serious for a while now.

Until Later




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