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25 September 2007

Fail Columbia!!

I used to have a good impression of the Ivy League schools.

Personally, I hold a bachelor's in Animal Science from Southeastern Louisiana University. So not only are I a redneck, I have a diploma in redneck.

I also have my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Louisiana State University.

As I said, I held elite schools like Columbia in high esteem. But no more.

When I heard about Columbia's invitation to Iranian President Ahmedinejad to speak, questions flooded my wee redneck brain.

What was Columbia president Lee Bollinger thinking?

Did he have so much hubris that he thought a few questions from his students would change Ahmedinejad's mind? Or that a sharp rebuke would cause the Iranian leader to change his policies?

The Iranian theocracy began by kidnapping Americans. Since, they have executed homosexuals, supported terrorism through Hezbollah, and are currently actively killing American servicemen, and pursuing a "peaceful" nuclear program. The theocracy also wants to erase Israel, presumably perpetrating another holocaust in the process.

Did Bollinger think all that would change just because of a couple of questions from some sophomores?

One stated reason was for "free speech". So you let a tyrant prattle on, who slaughters homosexuals, but won't let ROTC speak on campus because they follow the federally mandated "Don't ask, don't tell" policy?

Could Bollinger and Columbia be that intellectually dishonest? Are you granting free speech to a regime that suppresses that freedom routinely?

There is a third possibility. It may not be hubris or intellectual dishonesty at all.

It may well be that Bollinger and Columbia are just that damn stupid.

And what is the result of this brainless act?

Columbia has severely angered it's alumni and benefactors. I strongly suspect that donations will be significantly be curtailed as long as Bollinger is president.

It has also angered a LOT of America. Personally, I'll be upset if Columbia gets ever one dollar of federal funds. EVER.

And has your "free speech" affected anything in Iran? Well, this is how Iran's state run media covered it. I dare you to find truth there. Standing O my rosy red arse.

To do such harm to a revered institution, to coddle enemies of freedom, all for no gain? And handing that tyrant a propaganda victory at home into the bargain?

Again, just damn stupid.

So, evermore, we hereby change the tried and true "Hail Columbia" to the above title.

I may have graduated from a regional university and a state university. But compared to Columbia grads, I feel pretty damn smart.

The Naked Emperor


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