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20 October 2007

Dead Election Blogging

Sorry to have been away so long. I was swamped last week, and have been busy this week. Just got done with my third emergency surgery (laceration repair and enucleation on an already one-eyed dog. No no eyed. And yes, named "Lucky")

We're waiting on an eclampsia or mastitis case right now. I took a moment to see RedStickRant for the first time in over a week and see he's live blogging the election. Unfortunately it's hard to get Tangipahoa Parish results.

So far, it's a mixed bag. Jindal won, I hope he's up to it. Strain will probably be Comissioner of Ag. I've met him a few times. He's a vet, seems to know what he's about. On the bad side, Gordon Burgess has either won or is in a runoff. He's a clueless git if ever I met one. He's our Parish President. And our Parish Councilman, Tennis Rick has won outright. He'll lie straight to your face.

Oh well, we'll be back to life in a day or two. Right now, I'm just looking forward to being off next week. Lots to do for the housecall practice and around the house. But I'll get some sleep, have a dinner planned with a friend, and I get to escort three lovely ladies to a gun show on Sunday.

Sorry to be so brief. But I'm in the middle of "Dreadnought", a history of the politics and naval arms race prior to WW I by Robert Massie. Really interesting, I didn't know so much. And a friend brought me several volumes, including "Dereliction of Duty", an analysis of White House, JCS, and Sec Def's decisions leading to Vietnam. It's by Col. H. R. McMaster, who whipped a Republican Guards reginent with a single Cav troop at 73 Easting. I'm drooling. Also Gorbachev's "Perestroika".

Until next week,

The Naked Emperor


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