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01 October 2007

The Guns of ...August?

I know, I know, this is way late. But between housecalls last week, and a major medical conference, there was little time. Gotta get them CE hours, you know.

I actually started out to do this last Wednesday, but had a couple of self induced technical glitches.

First, I hadn't charged the camera's batteries. And after that, I discovered, or DIDN'T discover that my USB cable for the camera had gone missing. I got a cool replacement, more on that in a cool gadget post.

But I did try the girl out Wednesday with the GripPod.

For those like me, a vertical foregrip is unusual. Not bad, just a bit different.

She seems to point better toward the weak side. less so to the strong.

One thing I thought about is heat. Under rapid fire, an M-4 will heat rapidly. The hand grips will become uncomfortable after 2 or 3 minutes of 30 rounds per minute.

To start testing, I put one magazine through in the standing position.

Again, being used to horizontal grip, it's a bit different. But it does seem more controllable. The vertical grip let's you hold the weapon tighter to you shoulder, decreasing felt recoil and movement. So it seems a plus.

I then switched to prone, using the integral bipod.

Let's talk about said bipod.

It deploys rapidly with an affirmative push on the button at the top back of the grip. The button seems easy, but has enough resistance to avoid accidental deployment. There is a rather loud "thunk" as it gets into position. The manufacturer recommends, if silent deployment is desired, to hold the bottom of the grip against your thigh. This works well.

To retract, just close the legs and push up. Very easy.

All in all, this is a well designed product.

Once I got prone, I noticed that the stance of the weapon is slightly higher than my short little arms would hold it. So my "prone" is slightlier higher than normal. Not a problem, I can adjust. And this will not be a problem for those taller than my 5'7".

I put two magazines through while prone.

The first 20 rounds were normal single fire. Being on the bipod greatly improved stablilty and therefore accuracy. After that, I started doing "double taps". My point of impact hardly moved between first and second shots.

Magazine changing while prone with the bipod out is no porblem.

With the second prong mag, I started rapid fire. On target, double tap, regain target, repeat. Toward the end I tried a few "triple taps". To the uninitiated, it sure sounds like full auto. Again, my point of impact hardly moved.

For the last mag I wanted to check heat. I went back to standing, rapid single fire. The felt heat was GREATLY diminished on the vertical grip vs. standard horizontal.

This is the second best mod I've made to my toy, after the 14.5 barrel. And not far behind. The benefits in control and accuracy are well worth the price and effort.

Thanks to the guys, especially Ned, at MountsPlus.

And for my next project, maybe I'll get a diesel 1 ton 4x4. I've learned much from thenakedempress. She's taught me that it's all about the accessories, and my how she's right.

Until later,

The Naked Emperor


At October 1, 2007 at 9:04 PM, Blogger .....CLIFFORD said...

Drool... Drool... Drool...

Ask Ned if he makes one for the AUG.

More drooling...


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