The Naked Emperor

12 January 2008

Guess When?

Imagine a time when the ability to publish your thoughts about life, government, or anything is so easy that many people are doing it. Not professionals. Just anybody that thinks they have something to say. A recent technological revolution has made all this possible.

Needless to say, those in power at this time are deeply troubled. They scorn this free flow of ideas. They try to clamp down on this new found liberty.

But those amateurs just keep writing. Most of their work is drivel. But amidst those lesser works will be some masterpieces. And those masterpieces just might change everything.

Can you guess the time I'm spewing THIS drivel about?

If you guessed the internet and blogging, you're....


Try the British Colonies in the late 1700's.

Printing was so available that just about anybody could produce a pamphlet on whatever they thought was important. Most of these are lost to time. But some of the ideas expressed were so innovative and revolutionary that they not only survived but thrived.

Thomas Paine. John Adams. The Federalist Papers.

These were the bloggers of their day. One could argue that America was founded on the ideas of the bloggers.

But one must pay attention to what has survived. Not "Adams is a butthole". Not "the King is a git". The negatives faded with time. But those that presented positive ideas and solutions for the future remained. (Remember that when you want to comment that Thenakedemperor is a jerk)

Also notice that we do not remember those that talked about how the king would take care of you. Nor do we recall any giving greater autonomy to the state.

We remember those works that expanded the liberty of the individual. Those that talked about the rights and responsibilities of the individual.

This is a very minor blog.

Even so, it stands on the shoulders of great men. While I sometimes use my keyboard for light topics and may not take myself too seriously, I take the medium VERY seriously.

Give me blogging or give me death.

The Naked Emperor


At January 16, 2008 at 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogging is fantastic in many ways. I have seen it function for many fine purposes. A means to stay in touch and let people know what is on your mind or what you are doing at that point in time. A means to distribute helpful information about novel ways to knit a stitch or what not to do when applying for a certain permit, grant, job, etc. Nowadays I hear a great deal of its use as another arm of the political/ media machine.

I like my brain droppings. It comes with a large disclaimer, and is complete rubbish. Occasionally, I find something interesting to share, but most of the time, it is just mental diarrhea.

At June 22, 2008 at 6:00 PM, Blogger Brian H said...

It's to be death, I'm afraid. You perpetuated that awful malaprop, "as long as they tow Putin's line". Ugh.

Think soldiers at attention, not harnessed donkeys. It's "toe the line."


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